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Family Sports Day Saturday, 12:00 on Saturday, 22nd June at Floirac

Barbeque and fun sports

Sports Day this year starts with a barbeque, food and drinks around 12-2pm,  so that everyone will have energy for sports rather than snoozing in the sun !

Then kick off the sports activities from 2pm and finish off around 5pm. Full details here


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June Newsletter

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May Message from Charlotte

Well ! What a month of April ! I can’t quite believe that it has been four weeks since Easter, does time move more quickly once you are older ?

Easter Sunday; was such an amazing highlight for me, beginning with a gathering at sunrise in a deserted city centre, meeting with Sisters and Brothers in Christ to welcome the Risen Christ. The service began on the steps of the Protestant temple and ended in the very heart of the cathedral itself. Marvellous !

Then a band of intrepid early risers from our Anglican congregation enjoyed a leisurely breakfast together before moving on to our own service in St Pierre. It was wonderful to welcome so many of our own congregation, visitors and passers by into the church and to celebrate together.

Following the Sunrise service, Ecumenical introductions have been made and relationships strengthened. I was very pleased to be invited to a breakfast meeting last week with the local Protestant Pasteurs, to discuss local challenges and how we can work together to spread the Gospel in Bordeaux, watch this space for more news soon!

On the 24th April we received with such sad hearts, the news that our Sister Rhian Foreau had died. Rhian was well known throughout the Chaplaincy and will be sadly missed by us all. As well as playing a major role in the life of our congregation, Rhian was also a much loved teacher at the La Chapelle de L’Assomption in Bordeaux. It was with deep gratitude that the Director of the school and the Sisters of the religious community, agreed that the only fitting place for Rhian’s funeral was in the Chapelle surrounded by everyone who loved her and whose life had been touched by her. I am deeply grateful to all those who helped to make this service a wonderful celebration of Rhian’s life, but especially to Rev’d Bramwell Bearcroft who led the service with me, to Christine Rychewski for translating and to Richard Hunt and the choir for the beautiful music. Our prayers continue for Xavier, Chloe, Ioan and Rhian’s mother, Marian.

As I write, I have just returned from Achrdeaconry Synod in Lyon. Six of us from the Chaplaincy attended the three day meeting and I am sure there will be a full report from our Chaplaincy Synod reps to follow. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to meet with colleagues from around France to share concerns, joys and to encourage each other. A particular joy was to meet up again with Rev’d Mark Osbourne. Mark recently moved from St John’s Fulham to St George’s Paris.

In February 2018 I was on a two week placement at St John’s where I learnt a great deal from Mark. At the synod he presented me with an ordination gift from the Congregation at St John’s, a beautiful chasuble. It is stunning and I can’t wait for the first possible opportunity to wear it, roll on Trinity!

On the way to Lyon, I took the opportunity to visit the Chaplain to help him and Ingrid celebrate his (significant ! ) birthday, and to pass on a small gift from the Bordeaux community. What else but a box of Bordeaux! You can see by the photos that the Chaplain was very pleased with his gift. We wish him well and many more birthdays to come.


Rhian was very involved in our church life for many years through her work in areas such as our Church Committee, Sunday School, charity work and much more.

A Service in loving memory of Rhian was held on Thursday, 2nd May at the Chapelle L’Assomption in Bordeaux where Rhian was a primary school English teacher.

Please remember Xavier, Chloe and Ioan, in your prayers.

CLAY POTS we are but SHINING in the Light of the Holy Spirit

I am one of the Sunday School teachers in Bordeaux. I was very pleased with myself last week week because I had come up with the exciting idea of making clay pots because the reading was about – clay pots.

The wind was taken out of my sails somewhat when we came back into the church after Sunday School and all of a sudden, my clay pots started to look really boring because what had Janis used for her sermon for the adults ? A clay pot. Obviously !

I hoped that the collection of clay pots that I brought home with me would dry naturally. By last night, they had’t, so I had to cook them. Slowly. So slowly that I fell asleep, nearly burnt the house down and ……..  [please click here to read more]

Junior Jonah went for a general walkabout during our Service

The ‘little one’ became distracted by Rev’d Charlotte so Barry made sure that he was sitting comfortably to observe properly!

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All our current and past news items are available here: News

Or read our news by individual category below:

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