Candlemas Pancake Party - Sunday 3rd February after the Service

Sunday 3rd February after the Service


Sunday February 3rd after church: Candlemas Pancake party at Christine Rychlewski’s house (not far from the Bon Pasteur Chapel)

Directions will be available at church, if you have not visited Christine’s house before.

Come and chat and relax over a pancake (or two!) with hot or cold drinks. All are very welcome!

10:30 Sunday 6th January: Holy Communion - Rev'd Tony Lomas at St Pierre, Bordeaux

We are Growing so we are Moving !

In 2018 we held our final Service at L’Assomption and we are finalising the details of our new home.

Our Service on Sunday 6th January will take place at 10:30 at Église Saint-Pierre, Place Saint-Pierre, 33000 Bordeaux  (Map)

Until we are settled, please regularly check our calendar for the location and start time of each individual Service.

Christmas Message

Christmas Message

Dear Friends,

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a blessed and peaceful New Year.  I know many of you are away, so I pray for safe travel, fun times and much laughter as you enjoy meeting family and friends.

I wanted to thank all of you for the most incredible nine months; for all the hard work that went into organising my Priesting, followed by the most amazing welcome and the continued support that you have offered me since I took up post in April.  I can honestly say it has been a pleasure to serve such a vibrant and loving community.

I know that 2019 will start with some challenges as the search for our new spiritual home continues, but I am confident that with faith, prayer, trust and commitment we will overcome hurdles and breakdown boundaries until we find the place that God wants us to be.

Throughout the year I have often spoken to you about God’s promises, as we walk into a new year together I offer you a promise, a verse taken from Paul’s letter to the Romans Ch 8:18

18 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

To God be the Glory!

My love and prayers to you all this Christmas,



Charity Giving

Chap-Aid Giving from the Bordeaux Church in 2018 and a New Year’s Resolution

As the Old Year comes to an end and we look forward to a brighter 2019, a resounding applause for organisers of fundraising events in Bordeaux in 2018 and especially to those who have been generous both financially and in practical ways!

More than 2,000€ were collected for a variety of good causes: Shelterbox which reacts quickly in emergencies and natural disasters, the Bishop’s Appeals for various groups near or far, our own local charities (the Foyer Fraternel Gouffrand, Emmaüs, and soon La Maison de Marie), plus Chap-Aid general funds. Hats off especially to our dear children and their parents who raised over 900€ with their Kids’ Sponsored Walk. What an example!

Thanks too for the blessing of the Christmas Bazaar with 10% of the income going to our local charities. Plus practical items brought to church and hands-on work at the Foyer. And lest we forget … every penny does count! The Coin Jar held more than 100€ in loose change.

We are all called to shine with the light of Christ. Why not make it a New Year’s resolution to offer your time to help others and brighten the world.

2018 Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar at 14:30 on Saturday 1st December

The Christmas Bazaar this year is at: Eglise Jean-Marie de Vianney, 23 Rue Félix Faure, 33600 PESSAC ( map )

Our Bazaar is the Bordeaux Anglican Church’s biggest fundraiser (and fun raiser!) We are  dependent on the generosity of everyone including the helpers.  Can you lend a hand?  There are ways that you can join in on the fun as well as enjoying the Bazaar itself.

If the ‘Helpers Poster’ at the bottom of this page does not display then please click here

Offer to help via an email to Heather. Click here to email Heather

.. . . . .

The Bazaar is the Bordeaux Anglican Church’s biggest fundraiser (and fun raiser!) We are  dependent on the generosity of everyone including the helpers.  Can you lend a hand?  There are ways that you can join in on the fun as well as enjoying the Bazaar itself.

If the ‘Helpers Poster’ below does not display then please click here

Offer to help via an email to Heather. Click here to email Heather

2018 Bazaar help


Celebrating our Diversity at Bordeaux 

Sunday 18th November

Celebrating our Diversity at Bordeaux 

A service of joy and light with a gospel theme!

An uplifting and joyous Service ! Thank you to Rev’d Charlotte, Heather, Barry, Nathan, Stephen, helpers and everybody involved for making it such a memorable celebration of our diversity. For photos of the occasion, please click here:


Celebrating our Diversity at Bordeaux 

Sunday 18th November 10.30am at L’Assomption

Celebrating our Diversity at Bordeaux 

A service of joy and light with a gospel theme!

With Rev’d Charlotte Sullivan – All are very welcome




If the music videos above do not display, then please click on the YouTube links below:



Harvest Festival Service and Holy Communion: Sunday, 7th October 2018 at 10.30 a.m.

Harvest Festival Service and Holy Communion

Sunday, 7th October 2018 at 10.30 a.m.

The English Anglican Church in Bordeaux

( find us and directions here )

Please bring contributions of canned goods or non-perishable food which will be taken to the Foyer Fraternel Gouffrand, a charity for the needy supported by the Bordeaux Church

Anne Dorizon Birthday Celebration - Sunday 30th September

On Sunday 30th September after the Holy Communion Service led by Rev’d Tony Lomas, we will be celebrating a very special birthday for a very special lady.

Anne Dorizon has been a supporter of the Anglican Church in Bordeaux for a very long time and we hope that as many as possible will be able to come on Sunday to celebrate with her.


New Bible Study

New Bible Study!! – Coming soon – date to be announced – Watch this space

Rev’d Charlotte Sullivan writes:

Following on from just10 and keeping in mind our Stewardship theme for October, I would like to propose that our next bible study is one that focuses on Commitment.

The study material that I have chosen is based on a sermon by Robert Boyd Munger, My Heart Christ’s Home.  I first read this sermon six years ago and it challenged me deeply enough for me to make significant changes in my life at the time!  I re-read the short book today and found it just as provocative!  I thought to myself,  ” I don’t want to study this on my own again”, this time I want to talk and think about it with my friends!

Please watch this space for a starting date but please remember that it is fellowship, it is informal discussion and it is food, oh ….. there is wine too!  What’s not to like?  Come and try it.



Picnic Play-Readers 3rd June 2018

Play-reading, like the Madagascan service, tends to switch Sundays to suit the people involved. In June, although not intentional, the two coincided and a joint picnic lunch took place.

What was particularly nice was that Janis Adams, who had taken the morning service, and her husband Roger were able to join the picnic. Once Janis and Roger had left for their drive back, the play-readers moved the table they had been sitting around a little further up the cloister, leaving the Madagascans to finish their lunch.

The play chosen was Noel Coward’s ‘Blythe Spirit’ which takes place in the house of Charles Condomine and his second wife Ruth. To obtain some material for a book he is writing he has invited Madame Arcati to hold a seance. He has also invited two friends, Dr. and Mrs. Bradman to participate.

Following the seance, the ghost of Elvira, Charles’s first wife appears, but the only person who can see her or hear what she says, is Charles, and this situation causes considerable misunderstandings.

David Young was a convincing Charles, Francoise Boin made a marvellous job of Madame Arcati, Heather Cléda was the very sexy Elvira in contrast to the rather staid, down to earth Ruth, read by Pamela and Ed Hitchcock and Pamela Blackwell were Dr. and Mrs. Bradman.

The next Act reveals the consequences of the arrival of the unexpected guest and we will discover that at the next meeting of the Play-reading group, which will take place on July 15th, the third Sunday in the month.

Pamela Prior

Bordeaux Anglican Church Sports Day - 17 June 2018

After the morning Church service 27 children between the ages of 5 and 82 descended on the Presbytery for the first ever annual sports day. We were blessed with excellent weather – no rain, some sun but not too hot – and we were also blessed with excellent food.

After lunch there were amazingly imaginative races and competitions with 3 teams being formed – red, blue and yellow. Usually there were 4 categories for every race – younger children, older children, adult men and adult women. Everybody took part (including Jaffa, Charlotte’s dog).

As the excitement mounted there were egg and spoon (ball and ladle) races, ball throwing competitions, races involving water in leaky cups, dressing up in hats, gilets, gloves and shoes, skipping, hopping, jumping. The under 16 children were very sporting and took turns properly – the over 21 children were highly competitive and bent the rules repeatedly!!

The afternoon was one of constant noise, laughter, fun and energy. It is worth noting that the children whose angelic voices fill the Church at kids choir can also shout bellow and scream at their team-mates!!

Huge thanks go to Anne Sharp for her organisation of a very imaginative range of games.

Many thanks to Charlotte for throwing open her home, also to Holi, Johnson and Bebe for ably assisting Anne, and to Bode and her Mum – umpires extraordinaire. The blue team narrowly won on points but the others won on sportsmanship and energy!!

Heather Gardiner

Sports Day - Sunday 17th June at Floirac after the Service

Dear Everybody,

Sunday School and Youth Group children, brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents, whatever, as well as Sunday School helpers, past, present and future and …….  well basically just anybody who wants to come along !

After the roaring success of our Christmas Party – and because Juanecia asked for it – we are going to hold a « Sunday School  – in its very largest sense » SPORTS DAY.

The Scheduled Bring and Share Lunch after the service next week, that is Sunday, 17th June, will be relocated to the Presbytery, where the children – of all ages – will be able to participate in the traditional Sports Day races (egg and spoon, obstacle, etc.)

We would love to see you there if possible.   Please invite anybody along  that you think might be interested.

It would be helpful to let us know if you intend coming.    We might frighten Charlotte away if we are over a hundred !

Please send us an email if you would like come and we will reply with directions. Please email here:

Hoping to see you there,

Anne (on behalf of the Sunday School)



just10 - Start Date

just10 starts on Wednesday, 16th May at 7pm in Floirac

just10 what? The Commandments of course!

just10 is a ten week evening course on the 10 commandments starting on Wednesday 16th May at 7pm in Floirac. Led by Reverend Charlotte Sullivan, the course unpacks and explores the heart of each commandment, revealing its relevance and the practical implication for our lives today.

The course offers the opportunity to engage with the Ten Commandments as a small group, as an individual and as a church. As we go through the course together, we work out how to apply the relevant biblical principles of each commandment to our lives.

The material gives us the tools to be able to encourage one another in faith and works.

There will be plenty of time for discussion and fellowship.

Each week we will take a close look at one of the Commandments, watching and discussing Canon J. John’s teaching.

Reverend Canon J. John is an international evangelist based in the UK – he went to theological college at St John, Nottingham. His talks are always interesting, motivational and funny. He has been described as a cross between Billy Graham and Mr Bean !

When and where?

Wednesday 16th May at 7pm for 10 consecutive weeks in Floirac.

Its always nice to have the fellowship of a meal after these courses so that the discussion can continue so we aim to eat at 8.15pm.

Each person on the course will receive a course booklet

Easter Service 2018

Reverend Charlotte Sullivan led us on Easter Sunday

Christ is Risen! Alleluja!! Bordeaux is privileged to worship in a magnificent Chapelle and this 1st April Easter Morning 2018 was no April Fool’s day!

Christ was amongst us and our much awaited, much prayed for, Resident Priest, was leading an expectant, thankful congregation in praising God for the Resurrection of our Lord. We are renewed!

As Charlotte preached, the bright Spring sun broke through the multicoloured stained glass window panes and a Divine Light shone on the assembly. When Charlotte announced that she was preaching on Fear, many faces portrayed a question mark. Fear on Easter Sunday – impossible! Yet, according to the Gospel of Mark, those who came to the grave, the women who loved Jesus, witnessing His miracles, His wisdom and His love and who came to tend His body, were terrified. If we are honest, so would we have been.

Charlotte led us to come to the foundation of that Fear and helped us to recognise it and move past it, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to the life of Resurrection; of spreading the joyous Gospel News rather than remaining immobilised in our fear or guilt …. The children joined the celebration of song and we were filled with wondrous faith and hope!

Warm and cool refreshments were enjoyed and our children rushed out, accompanied by Sunday School Teachers, Youth Group Leaders and parents, for an abundant, jolly, Easter Egg Hunt in the radiant sun!

We thank the Lord for answered prayers and wish Rev’d Charlotte Sullivan well for her ministry in Bordeaux and elsewhere.


Chaplaincy Retreat: Abaye de Belloc, 31st May - 3rd June 2018


Abbaye de Belloc, Route Abbaye de Belloc, 64240 URT

From Thursday 31st May or from Friday 1st June until 3rd June

Theme: ‘Growing into Christ’s Body’ – Speaker: Meurig Williams, Archdeacon of France

Join us for a time of retreat, fellowship, and contemplation, 2 choices of dates are possible.  Join us on either Thursday 31st May or on Friday 1st June until Sunday June 3rd, 2018.

“… speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ.” (Ephesians 4:15)

The Church is often described as Christ’s body on earth. This is an image that is both exciting and challenging but what does it really mean for us, today, in Aquitaine?

As we seek for guidance on how to encourage growth within our church communities, it is useful to explore how we can best represent Christ to those around us, both inside and outside the church. In the tranquility of Belloc Abbey, in worship, prayer and teaching we will endeavour to understand better what it means to be the body of which Jesus is the head.

Please click here to download the Booking Form

“… vivant selon la vérité et dans la charité, nous grandirons de toutes manières vers Celui qui est la Tête, le Christ” (Ephésiens 4:15)

L’Eglise est souvent décrite comme le corps du Christ sur terre. C’est un image qui est à la fois passionnant et exigeant mais qu’est–ce que cela signifie pour nous, aujourd’hui, en Aquitaine?

Lorsque nous cherchons une orientation pour encourager la croissance au sein de nos églises, il est utile d’explorer comment nous pourrons représenter le Christ le mieux pour ceux qui nous entourent, aussi bien dans l’église qu’à l’extérieur. En terre de paix à l’Abbaye de Belloc, à travers l’adoration, la prière, et l’enseignement, nous nous efforcerons de mieux comprendre le sens d’être le corps duquel le Christ est la Tête.


Kids' Choir Concert - December 2017

I Lift My Hands (Andre Kempen)

Beautifully sung by Holi and Stephen, accompanied by Segar on the guitar

If the video does not display or play correctly in your browser then please go direct to our YouTube channel here

If the video does not display or play correctly in your browser then please go direct to our YouTube channel here

Music and Choir

For more information about our Adult and Kid’s Choirs please click here


2018 Holy Week Services in Bordeaux

Holy Week Services

( Sunday, March 25th at 10.30 – Palm Sunday Morning Worship Service led by Reader Janis Adams )

Thursday, March 29th at 19.30 – Maundy Thursday Holy Communion led by the Revd Tony Lomas

Sunday, April 1st at 10.30 – Easter Family Communion followed by an Easter Egg Hunt in the Gardens (weather permitting)

Sunday, April 1st at 15.00 – Madagascan Community Family Communion and Baptism – Revd. Charlotte Sullivan


Services following Holy Week

Sunday, April 8th 10.30 – Family Communion led by Revd. Charlotte Sullivan

Sunday, April 15th 10.30 – Family Communion led by Revd. Charlotte Sullivan
followed by our monthly Congregation Fellowship Bring and Share Lunch

Sunday, April 22nd 10.30 – Family Communion led by Revd Charlotte Sullivan

Sunday, April 29th 10.30 – Family Communion led by Revd Charlotte Sullivan

Children are most welcome to join in our Sunday School during all the above Services

Please also note this important date: Saturday, April 14th Chaplaincy of Aquitaine Annual General Meeting and Chap-Aid Annual General Meeting in Doudrac


Ordination of Revd. Charlotte Sullivan - Message from Bramwell and Jennifer

Message from Bramwell and Jennifer:

Jennifer and I send our heartfelt best wishes to Charlotte as she takes on her new role in the Chaplaincy.

We loved our time at Bordeaux and are very excited to see the continued growth and development of the Church there. We are sorry that we cannot be with you on this very special day.’

Rev’d Bramwell Bearcroft


Ordination of Charlotte Sullivan on Saturday 17th March 2018 (including photo album link)

Saturday – Ordination Service

We had a glorious Ordination Service last Saturday in Bordeaux when Charlotte Sullivan was ordained by the Rt. Revd. Robert Innes. Charlotte will now be resident in Bordeaux as part of the Chaplaincy of Aquitaine Ministry Team.

Below is an excerpt from Bishop Robert’s blog:

An ordination is always a special event. For the weekend of 17th/18th March, Helen and I took the train to Bordeaux for the ordination of Charlotte Sullivan on the Saturday and a confirmation service in Bertric-Burée on the Sunday. We travelled on one of the new Euroduplex ‘InOui’ branded trains that cover the 528km between Paris and Bordeaux in just two hours, and the train arrived on time, to the minute.

A further half hour train ride to Libourne, then an hour in the car took us to the peaceful Abbaye de l’Echourgnac convent where Charlotte had been on her pre-ordination retreat in the company of our Advisor on Women’s Ministry, Carolyn Cook

After an overnight stay with Chaplain Tony and Ingrid Lomas, we drove on the Saturday morning for nearly two hours through the beautiful wine-making area of St. Emilion to the worship centre in Bordeaux. Aquitaine includes 14 Anglican worship centres. Charlotte is to be based in Bordeaux itself, which is a major city and rather different in character from the smaller towns and villages in which the other worship centres are located.

The ordination service opened with a confident rendition of ‘My Jesus, My Saviour’ by the children’s choir. The music for the rest of the service was supported by a very good adult choir. Amongst other items, they sang John Ireland’s ‘Greater Love’, an anthem which sets out the message of the gospel as clearly and powerfully as any other English-language music I know, and finished with a spirited rendition of Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus.

Charlotte’s ordination as a priest is a cause of huge thanksgiving for the Aquitaine chaplaincy, where she is much loved and respected. She was supported by family and friends and many chaplaincy members in a full church.

Later in the service we commissioned Tony Lomas as Area Dean. He will look after the clergy and congregations of South Western France. Distances are big in this part of the diocese, and I hope Tony will be able to support and encourage fellow clergy working in isolated circumstances.

Supplementary Postscript from Bishop Robert

Aficionados of Anglican Canon Law will be aware that Ordinations may only be conducted on certain major feast days. It may be wondered whether March 17th, the Feast of St. Patrick, has sufficient weight to count as a proper major feast. In the event, St. Patrick’s Day coincided with the last game in the Rugby Six Nations, in which Ireland decisively beat England to take the Grand Slam. Bordeaux being a keen rugby city, the anxious would have been left in no doubt that St. Patrick’s Day 2018 in Bordeaux was a major feast !

Sunday – Holy Communion Service

The Revd Richard Bromley, Mission Director of ICS, led our Sunday Worship Service and concluded his sermon with some exciting words:

Allow me to say three things to you in conclusion.

I believe this is your time, Now the hour has come… 

This Bordeaux church is at pivotal moment. With Charlotte, this is not about business as usual with a new priest. This is about so much more as we adventure forward.

Secondly, I pray this church continues to develop as a community of welcome. To be a community where the invitation is open. Making space for people to belong. Christ will draw all people… 

Finally I want to say.  It is time to dare greatly.

Daring greatly:  About vulnerability.  About risk.  About stepping out when everything in you screams no.  Refusing to play safe because it is the safe thing to do. About remembering what it is that Christ has called you to.

As Jesus put it… About dying to self.  About wheat falling in the ground, but life comes.

I finish with a quote from Theodore Roosevelt,  26th President of USA.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the person who points out how others stumble,  or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit belongs to the person who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends themselves in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement,  and who at the worst, if they fail, at least fail while daring greatly, so that their place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

A photo album of the ordination service and reception afterwards is available here