Please Give Generously

The words of St Francis remind Christians of their privileged position and are central to the work of all Christian communities.

We are blessed to be located in a most beautiful part of God’s creation and to receive so many benefits from our life here. We pray that, through practising the Christian principle of giving, we allow the Holy Spirit to work through us so that our lives together are enriched and our spiritual experience strengthened.

Helping with my Time and Talents

Giving takes many forms, but all are rooted in the same principle.

So that God¹s work may be done, people give generously of their time and of a broad range of skills and talents – professional, creative, and personal.

Rotas of readers, intercessors, singers, musicians, lay assistants, sidesmen and women, wardens and, by no means least, providers of refreshments ensure that Services happen and the workload shared in a most enjoyable way: the degree of commitment ensures that Worship and Fellowship is of appropriate quality.

Hosts and leaders of Home Groups; committee members; Sunday School and Youth Group teams; organisers of special occasions, of bring-and-share meals, walks and picnics: all contribute our varied and immensely enjoyable community life. We give of ourselves and take pleasure ourselves as a result. Please feel free to come and join in.

No contribution is taken for granted. If you have a some time to offer please let us know your preferences by completing this simple form here

Helping Financially

The same commitment applies to financial giving.

The work of your church has grown significantly during recent years and the money required to support this work has grown in proportion as outlined below.

Sunday Worship is only a part of the provision for the English-speaking international community in and around Bordeaux. The clergy lead baptisms, weddings and funerals, sometimes for non-worshippers. Together with many others they give pastoral care to the sick and bereaved. They are naturally often involved when visitors fall ill or are in difficulty whilst within the region.

Helping Financially in 2018

Bordeaux is one of nine sectors in the Chaplaincy of Aquitaine and your generous giving funds the operation of the Bordeaux centre and the Chaplaincy.  Please give generously to support our work.

To illustrate how the money is spent, the final 2016 cost breakdowns are shown below.  Should you have any questions then our Treasurer is always pleased to respond.

Giving and Tax

Little of God’s work amongst us would be possible without the commitment to significant, regular giving which many people make, whether through the Sunday collection, donation, or more effectively, through a standing order.

Most things work better if they are planned, including our giving to the church. Whatever decision we take based on what we can afford, making a pledge to give a specific amount per year is better managed by regular, planned giving: and the UK standing order or French ‘virement’ is the easiest way to do it. Once organised in that way, you know what will leave your account each month or year, and we are very happy if you then put nothing in the ‘plate’ on those Sundays you are in church – indeed, you will find little laminated cards when you arrive at church to put in the plate instead.

Not all of us are in the ‘fortunate’ position of paying tax here or in the UK! For those who are, however, it is worth emphasising that:gift-aid

  • If you are a tax payer in France, if you give 100€ to the Church, it will only cost you 33€ – as our Treasurer says, ‘ It would almost be a sin not to give in this way’.
  • If you pay UK taxes, there is also Gift Aid whereby the Chancellor also contributes a proportion of the tax paid on your earnings.

If you are unsure about committing yourself to a virement or standing order, then you can give by cheque, and still obtain the tax benefits, providing of course you are resident here for tax purposes, and pay tax each year. We keep track of all organised giving, and send you a receipt at the end of each year to submit with your tax return.