Charity Giving

Chap-Aid Giving from the Bordeaux Church in 2018 and a New Year’s Resolution

As the Old Year comes to an end and we look forward to a brighter 2019, a resounding applause for organisers of fundraising events in Bordeaux in 2018 and especially to those who have been generous both financially and in practical ways!

More than 2,000€ were collected for a variety of good causes: Shelterbox which reacts quickly in emergencies and natural disasters, the Bishop’s Appeals for various groups near or far, our own local charities (the Foyer Fraternel Gouffrand, Emmaüs, and soon La Maison de Marie), plus Chap-Aid general funds. Hats off especially to our dear children and their parents who raised over 900€ with their Kids’ Sponsored Walk. What an example!

Thanks too for the blessing of the Christmas Bazaar with 10% of the income going to our local charities. Plus practical items brought to church and hands-on work at the Foyer. And lest we forget … every penny does count! The Coin Jar held more than 100€ in loose change.

We are all called to shine with the light of Christ. Why not make it a New Year’s resolution to offer your time to help others and brighten the world.

Kids Sponsored Walk - Sunday 7th October - Parc Bordelais

Paroisse Anglicane de Bordeaux
Association Cultuelle N° 2/23047 (Gironde)


Association Caritative de la “Chaplaincy of Aquitaine”
Loi 1901 N° W332000686 (Gironde)


Sunday, 7th October 2018 at the Parc Bordelais

In aid of the charities the Bordeaux Anglican Church supports. The Bordeaux Church Sunday School and Youth Group will be walking in aid of the Foyer Fraternel Gouffrand and Emmaüs, both associations which help the needy in the region. Everyone is welcome to join us!

Departure at 14:00 from the main entrance of the Parc Bordelais, Avenue Carnot & Rue du Bocage

Be a walker Please click here to display the poster


Be a SPONSOR!Please click here to print a Sponsorship Form

Every little encouragement and contribution, big or small,
will be a tremendous HELP for the NEEDY. Thank you.


Wanted for the 2017 Christmas Bazaar



Helpers needed from 10:00 onwards

The Bazaar starts at 2:30pm


Wanted – English books, CDs, Videos Please contact:

  • Please contact Paul Dixon – 05 56 35 35 90 Email: here


Wanted – sponge cakes, fruit cakes, gingerbread, shortbread, biscuits, fudge etc etc Please contact:

  • Heather Cleda – 06 98 39 80 69 Email: here


Wanted – Christmas Puddings, Mincemeat, Christmas Crackers and Cards etc.  Please contact:

  • Deirdre Rankin – 05 56 03 37 65 Email:  here

Wanted – Help to run the stall.  Please contact:

  • Deirdre Rankin – 05 56 03 37 65 Email: here


Wanted – Jam, marmalade, honey, chutney, pickles or preserves of any kind, fresh eggs, fruit and vegetables from the garden.  Please contact:

  • Anne Sharp – 05 57 88 46 24  Email: here


Wanted – Lots of gifts to be raffled! & helpers to sell raffle tickets.


Wanted – Offers of fun activities and help that people can bid for in the Silent Auction at the bazaar e.g. cycling trip, computer help, gardening, ironing, picnic, wine tasting, etc. Do you have an interesting hobby that others would enjoy? Let your imagination run wild!

Wanted – Help to run the stall with David Yo

  • Please contact: Lindsay Megraud – 05 56 96 44 17 Email: here


Wanted – Cookies, scones and biscuits.  Please contact:

  • Rhian Foreau – 05 56 36 99 63 Email: here


Wanted – Anything that might conceivably be bought as a Christmas present for all ages, e.g. adults, children, teenagers etc.

Wanted – Help to run the stall.

  • Please contact: Liz Guilding – 05 57 64 75 71 Email: here


Wanted – Bottles of wine, spirits etc  Please contact:

  • Pamela Prior – 05 56 59 67 34 Email: here

  • OR Paul Sharp – 05 57 88 46 24 Email: here

Christmas Bazaar Silent Auction - Contributions needed !


The Silent Promise Auction is always very popular stall at the Bazaar and contributions have included everything from ironing to gardening, computer help, dinner, wine tour, gite weekend and even a flight in a plane over the Bassin d’Arcachon

Let your imagination run wild! Remember that if it is of interest/useful to you then it will interest others and will also raise some money!

Please email details of your offer to


There is a paper ‘auction sheet’ on the table for each item. To bid, write the amount of euros you wish to bid. Each bid must be greater than the one before. Come back later and check if a higher bid has been entered and then you bid higher. All bids are anonymous so you do not know who you are bidding against !

Christmas Bazaar - Saturday 2nd December at 14:30

Saturday 2nd December – Christmas Bazaar at 14:30

. . . . .

DSC_0071Welcome !

Our Anglican Services are in English and are held at La Chapelle de l’Assomption

In addition to the Chapelle there is also a large and flourishing school.  We are guests of the Communauté de l’Assomption and must abide by all the strict hygiene rules which are given to us. So cats and dogs are strictly not allowed into the grounds of L’Assomption.

If you plan to arrive with your cat or doggy friend then please park in the streets outside. There are usually plenty of parking places nearby particularly in rue Sainte-Germaine which is the turning to the right immediately before the entrance.

The temporary entrance which we previously used for pedestrians, cyclists and cars is now closed and we have reverted back to the normal main entrance entering via the large red double gates on boulevard President Wilson.


Please click here

bordeaux-2cv-privateEntrance and Parking

  • Easy free and private car parking in the grounds of the Chapelle:
    • Drive along boulevard President Wilson in the direction of Bordeaux Lac
    • When nearing number 370, look out on your right for rue Naujac and then …..
    • ….. look out for rue Sainte Germaine.  (If you travel with your cat or doggy friend then please park outside. There are usually plenty of parking places nearby particularly in rue Sainte-Germaine)
    • The entrance is through the big red double gates on the right, immediately after rue Sainte Germaine and immediately before the bus stop Map

TBC_Bus_place_des_Quiconces_-_BordeauxBy Bus

  • Bus stop CARNOT is directly outside the big red double gates which is the car and pedestrian entrance into the Chapelle Map
    • Travel on bus service 9 in the direction BRANDENBURG and get off the bus at bus stop: CARNOT

Harvest Festival and Holy Communion – Sunday, 15th October 2017 at 10:30

Harvest Festival and Holy Communion – Sunday, 15th October 2017 at 10:30

Please join us at this traditional Anglican Service where we thank the Lord for the harvest and the many good things He has provided throughout the year.

This year, our Harvest Festival Thanksgiving Service with Holy Communion will be lead by our Chaplain the Revd. Tony Lomas.

Your offerings will help in supporting the relief efforts on the island of St Martin in the Caribbean.  One of these efforts is aimed at providing nourishment for the many people who have lost everything that we take for granted.  A loss of proper shelter, food, power and running water due to the heavy and extensive damage caused by the recent hurricane.

If you are able, please bring offerings of non-perishable goods such as canned or dried food which will taken away after the Service and packed into a container for onward shipment to St Martin.

If you would like to help in the decoration of the church please come early, maybe before 10:00 and bring some fresh fruit and/or vegetables and/or foliage.

Dear Congregation and Visitors,


  • Morning Service on Sunday 3rd December 2017 is replaced by our Choral Evensong at 17:00
  • Morning Service on Sunday 10th December 2017 is replaced by our English Carol Service at 17:00

Thank you !


Sponsored Walk - May 2017

Congratulations to our walkers and their sponsors !

Nearly 2000€ raised for Chap-Aid which will be distributed to help Foyer Fraternel and Emmaüs to continue their splendid work with the under privileged.