Picnic Play-Readers 3rd June 2018

Play-reading, like the Madagascan service, tends to switch Sundays to suit the people involved. In June, although not intentional, the two coincided and a joint picnic lunch took place.

What was particularly nice was that Janis Adams, who had taken the morning service, and her husband Roger were able to join the picnic. Once Janis and Roger had left for their drive back, the play-readers moved the table they had been sitting around a little further up the cloister, leaving the Madagascans to finish their lunch.

The play chosen was Noel Coward’s ‘Blythe Spirit’ which takes place in the house of Charles Condomine and his second wife Ruth. To obtain some material for a book he is writing he has invited Madame Arcati to hold a seance. He has also invited two friends, Dr. and Mrs. Bradman to participate.

Following the seance, the ghost of Elvira, Charles’s first wife appears, but the only person who can see her or hear what she says, is Charles, and this situation causes considerable misunderstandings.

David Young was a convincing Charles, Francoise Boin made a marvellous job of Madame Arcati, Heather Cléda was the very sexy Elvira in contrast to the rather staid, down to earth Ruth, read by Pamela and Ed Hitchcock and Pamela Blackwell were Dr. and Mrs. Bradman.

The next Act reveals the consequences of the arrival of the unexpected guest and we will discover that at the next meeting of the Play-reading group, which will take place on July 15th, the third Sunday in the month.

Pamela Prior

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August Picnic-Play Reading

2015Bx_August Play Reading

This photo says it all. Good food and wine, good friends and great play-reading.

It was so nice that David Albrecht, who had taken the service, agreed to join us, as well as the Bullock twins who were in Bordeaux for the weekend after their trip to Spain. We read the first Act of “The Mousetrap” which ended with a body being discovered in the dining room, leaving everyone in suspense as to which house guest is the murderer!

We will find out next month. Little Tifi provided the background music! A happy afternoon was enjoyed by all!