10:30 Sunday 6th January: Holy Communion - Rev'd Tony Lomas at St Pierre, Bordeaux

We are Growing so we are Moving !

In 2018 we held our final Service at L’Assomption and we are finalising the details of our new home.

Our Service on Sunday 6th January will take place at 10:30 at Église Saint-Pierre, Place Saint-Pierre, 33000 Bordeaux  (Map)

Until we are settled, please regularly check our calendar for the location and start time of each individual Service.

Wine and Words Movie Night - Friday 10th November at 19:00

Wine and Words – Movie Night

A grieving man receives a mysterious, personal invitation to meet with God at a place called “The Shack.”

Prepare to have your ideas about God challenged – in a most loving way!

We’re meeting at Heather C’s house on Friday November 10th at 19.00

Please bring something to share (sweet or savoury) and/or something to drink.

Please contact Christine Rychlewski (alienor1153@yahoo.com – 06 81 85 72 97) to let us know you are coming and/or to arrange ride-sharing from the centre of Bordeaux.


Wine and Words Memories from 2015

Wine and Words group two years ago today !

Wine & Words on Friday 13 October at 19:00

Wine & Words on Friday 13 October at 19:00

Samhain – Halloween – Dia de los Muertos – All Soul’s Day – All Saint’s Day

This is the time of year when the days are getting shorter, colder, crisper, and there seems to be a palpable electricity in the air.  The Christian church recognizes All Saint’s Day on November 1, but humans from every culture and religion across the Earth have honoured their loved ones and ancestors by performing ancient rites and celebrations, often at this time of year.

The Druids and Celts celebrated Samhain, which signified the start of Winter. They also believed that during this time, the veil between the living and the dead was thinnest, so communing with our loved ones was possible.  The Mexican people believed the same, dressing up in array of skeleton- type costumes, out of respect for Death.

Today, there are many parades and celebrations throughout the country, ending with trips to the cemetery to spend time with their deceased loved ones.

These are celebrations and feasts that we humans have practiced since our inception.

Halloween, October 31 is a modern reminder of our old rites. Today, the over the top revelry in every culture is a reminder to remember and bless our ancestors.

What do you celebrate and what does it mean to you?

Please bring something to share (sweet or savoury) and/or something to drink.

Time: 19.00

Please contact: Christine Rychlewski


Wine & Words on Friday, June 9th

Dear Friends,

For Wine & Words on Friday, we shall be joining our Catholic and Protestant brothers and sisters at St Augustin church for a picnic supper and Taizé prayer service, followed by bring-and-share desserts and soft drinks.

Come at 19.00 and bring a simple picnic or arrive just in time for the prayer service at 20.30 with a dessert to share afterwards.

The organizers recommend coming by Tram A (St Augustin stop), as there is a neighbourhood festival going on and parking will be complicated.


Wine and Words

Wine-and-Words-logo1Hello everyone,

We would like to say a big thank you to Jenny for bringing us together.

Order of the day:

As of our last meeting we decided that handling Wine and Words will be a team effort. At the moment this is how we discussed it will be run.

Adebode: email, Facebook and setting up.

Ashley: Closing the meeting

Volunteer Coordinators of each month: Chair topic to be discussed in said month

Our default venue would be Bordeaux USA, but for movie night or cookie decorating we would need to go somewhere. Wine and words remains 2nd Friday of every month but there might be exceptions We talked about what we would like Wine and Words to be;

  • Fellowship
  • Open to believers and non-believers
  • Debate and discussion
  • Practical Christian living

Therefore we decided that topics to be discussed should be based on moral issues, being a Christian in the modern world, sharing Gods love and what he has done in our lives. On this note we have the following topics;

December 11th  – Holiday Cookie Decorating

In 2016

  • January 8th / 15th  – Welcome Back
  • February 12th – Christian relationships
  • March 11th – Temptation
  • April 8th – Book Discussion ( The Shack)
  • May 13th – Workplace (eg What would Jesus do)
  • June 10th – What about when God says No
  • July 8th Movie Night
  • August 12th – Bowling/Pizza
  • September 9th Handling Money God’s Way (Finances)
  • October 14th – Praise and Worship

We will be sending out a doodle poll to confirm ‘volunteer of the month’ and what topic. Let’s say for example I am handling When God says No but I would not be around in June but in April we can move things around so it is convenient for everyone.

Warm regards,


Wine and Words - Friday 16th October at 20:00

tontons_01The October edition of Wine and Words will be this Friday 16th October at 20:00 at Les Tontons restaurant (http://www.lestontons-restaurant.com Very sadly this is the last wine and words organised by Jenny!

“My time in Bordeaux is over and life calls me onwards, next stop Blighty. It has been a joy and a privilege to help in gathering us all each month – I have learned a lot and experienced great fellowship – thank-you!!

As it’s my last, I’m making use of my organising position and declaring that we shall go to Les Tontons restaurant. The theme shall be ‘Wine and Words I have known’ and ‘What do we do next?’ A chance to reflect back on the last years (what was your favourite or most memorable topic? which discussions did you find most interesting or valuable? And then to plan for the next term – What do you want Wine and Words to become? What topics or themes or questions are you interested in? …….and Who do you want to get emails from each month!?

Please let me know (by email, text or passing pigeon) if you can join us so I can book a table.

May God Bless you, and keep you. May He challenge and guide you to better know the depths of His love and the height of His power and grace. May this love of God which surpasses all understanding be among you, and between you as you continue to meet in fellowship and exploration. And may God equip you to teach one another and to live out His calling for you in this dear city of Bordeaux.”

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