Meet the new Mother Superior, Sœur Marie-Valérie LAGARRIQUE, M.D.

Bx_Soeur Marie ValerieIs there a doctor in the house? Yes indeed! The new Mother Superior is both a nun and a medical doctor.

At the end of September, Sœur Marie-Valérie kindly invited us to meet at the Assomption around a cup of coffee and biscuits to get to know us and understand our needs. The Revd Bullock and Alexandra, the wardens, treasurer, and liaison person, Freda Perris, were present.

Soeur Marie-Valérie wanted to understand our commitments towards the Assomption. She confirmed that we could use the chapel, the vestry, part of the cloisters and the teachers’ dining room, as long as we left everything tidy and clean when we finish. The use of the refectory would only be for very special occasions as usual. Indeed this room will not exist anymore when they build a new ‘cafeteria’ outside (near the big gate).

Concerning the main boulevard gates, they must remain closed during all our services/meetings; cars will come in through the main gates as usual but the gates will be closed immediately after. To leave, please use the side gate giving on the rue Ste. Germaine. This gate is automatic and opens when the car or bicycle comes up to a certain point in front of it.  (We have been operating this system very successfully every Sunday since the meeting)

Bx_CleanlinessTo summarise, this was a good “getting to know each other”. Sœur Marie-Valérie was very enthusiastic to support us and confirmed that our existing arrangements and access to L’Assomption continue unchanged but she requested a greater focus on security of the site and the youngsters within.  It’s up to us to continue good Christian contact with them. Remember, we are using THEIR premises so we must be strict about keeping the place clean and tidy.

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