Family Sports Day - Saturday, 22nd June at Floirac

Family Sports Day – 12:00 on Saturday, 22nd June at Floirac

Barbeque and fun sports

Sports Day this year starts with a barbeque, food and drinks around 12-2pm,  so that everyone will have energy for sports rather than snoozing in the sun !

Then kick off the sports activities from 2pm and finish off around 5pm.


If you need directions please send an email by clicking here

Setting the scene

The format will be similar to last year and to put you into the mood, below describes some of the fun we all had last year:

27 children between the ages of 5 and 82 descended on the Presbytery for the first ever annual sports day. We were blessed with excellent weather – no rain, some sun but not too hot – and we were also blessed with excellent food.

After lunch there were amazingly imaginative races and competitions with 3 teams being formed – red, blue and yellow. Usually there were 4 categories for every race – younger children, older children, adult men and adult women. Everybody took part (including Jaffa, Charlotte’s dog).

As the excitement mounted there were egg and spoon (ball and ladle) races, ball throwing competitions, races involving water in leaky cups, dressing up in hats, gilets, gloves and shoes, skipping, hopping, jumping. The under 16 children were very sporting and took turns properly – the over 21 children were highly competitive and bent the rules repeatedly!!

The afternoon was one of constant noise, laughter, fun and energy. It is worth noting that the children whose angelic voices fill the Church at kids choir can also shout bellow and scream at their team-mates!!

Huge thanks go to Anne Sharp for her organisation of a very imaginative range of games.

Many thanks to Charlotte for throwing open her home, also to Holi, Johnson and Bebe for ably assisting Anne, and to Bode and her Mum – umpires extraordinaire. The blue team narrowly won on points but the others won on sportsmanship and energy!!

Heather Gardiner

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