Wine and Words - Friday 16th October at 20:00

tontons_01The October edition of Wine and Words will be this Friday 16th October at 20:00 at Les Tontons restaurant ( Very sadly this is the last wine and words organised by Jenny!

“My time in Bordeaux is over and life calls me onwards, next stop Blighty. It has been a joy and a privilege to help in gathering us all each month – I have learned a lot and experienced great fellowship – thank-you!!

As it’s my last, I’m making use of my organising position and declaring that we shall go to Les Tontons restaurant. The theme shall be ‘Wine and Words I have known’ and ‘What do we do next?’ A chance to reflect back on the last years (what was your favourite or most memorable topic? which discussions did you find most interesting or valuable? And then to plan for the next term – What do you want Wine and Words to become? What topics or themes or questions are you interested in? …….and Who do you want to get emails from each month!?

Please let me know (by email, text or passing pigeon) if you can join us so I can book a table.

May God Bless you, and keep you. May He challenge and guide you to better know the depths of His love and the height of His power and grace. May this love of God which surpasses all understanding be among you, and between you as you continue to meet in fellowship and exploration. And may God equip you to teach one another and to live out His calling for you in this dear city of Bordeaux.”

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