chap-aid-logo200pxThe Anglican Chaplaincy of Aquitaine is registered in France as an Association Cultuelle under French Law. Neither the Chaplaincy nor our Bordeaux church can directly give money to any outside person or organisation as the law requires us to pass such monies through a separate entity.

In 2006, to make our charitable giving possible and legal, the Chaplaincy created a separate association. CHAP-AID, an ‘Association Caritative’, is managed by a Council elected annually.

In summary, Chap-Aid is the charitable arm of the Anglican Chaplaincy of Aquitaine, France and is the organisation the Chaplaincy and our Bordeaux church uses to enable us to express our Christian faith in practical terms to people who are in need.  Since its existence, you have helped Chap-Aid to send approximately €60 000 to various charities around the world.

The charity’s objectives are to collect and distribute funds to enable it to provide relief to those in need, to support outreach, and to care for individuals in France or elsewhere, and to collect and distribute funds to those ends in a spirit of Christian concern.

Bordeaux Charities – Foyer Fraternel Gouffrand

jpg-logo-TOUT-PETIT-F.FRATThe Foyer Fraternel is a charitable association to help those in need: clothing – food – crèche – welcoming, listening and guiding people who are going through a difficult phase.

Material Giving: You can help by making donations of  used/new clothing (clean and in good condition),shoes, warm gloves, bonnets, scarves. For the homeless: soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, small combs etc.  Please bring these donations to L’Assomption on any Sunday morning.

Practical Giving: – You can help by joining the forces at the Foyer every Thursday.  If you would like to assist please contact:

Foyer Fraternel GouffrandCentre Social, 23 rue Gouffrand, 33300 BORDEAUX

Tel: 05 57 87 13 92  or email :  Head : Pasteur Pascal Vernier



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