Student Networking

Please message or link up with us via Student Movement or Fusion Movement network here

Our church calendar is below and we would be delighted to meet you !


I would like to thank everyone in the Bordeaux Church for making me feel part of them even if I was there for a short time. 

I arrived to Bordeaux to study for a semester and I wanted to attend to Church, just as I did back home. I did my research because my french is not fluent so I preferred to attend to an English speaking Church.

Everyone was so nice, kind and very welcoming. What it teaches is also great. Words can’t describe how thankful I am. 

If you are an exchange student (it doesn’t matter which country you are from) don’t hesitate to attend. 

(Student from Mexico)


If you are coming to work or study in Bordeaux and need to share accommodation, then this is very good place to start looking here


The Bordeaux public transport system is first class with a well integrated system of tram, bus and water taxi. A good way to plan a trip is here

Our Calendar

Please see below for the calendar of our Services and Fellowship activities.

Please see below for the calendar of our Services and Fellowship activities.

The Chaplaincy of Aquitaine Sunday Service and Sermon is pre-recorded and available every Sunday here

Online Morning and Evening Prayers and fellowship activities are also available live. If you would like the live zoom link to gain access and participate in any of the live worship and fellowship events listed below, then please email your request stating which zoom link that you require by ‘clicking’ here

Please use the cursor on your computer or your finger on your phone or tablet to scroll up and down the calendar below.

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Monthly Calendar