Harvest Festival Service and Holy Communion: Sunday, 7th October 2018 at 10.30 a.m.

Harvest Festival Service and Holy Communion

Sunday, 7th October 2018 at 10.30 a.m.

The English Anglican Church in Bordeaux

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Please bring contributions of canned goods or non-perishable food which will be taken to the Foyer Fraternel Gouffrand, a charity for the needy supported by the Bordeaux Church

Harvest Festival and Holy Communion – Sunday, 15th October 2017 at 10:30

Harvest Festival and Holy Communion – Sunday, 15th October 2017 at 10:30

Please join us at this traditional Anglican Service where we thank the Lord for the harvest and the many good things He has provided throughout the year.

This year, our Harvest Festival Thanksgiving Service with Holy Communion will be lead by our Chaplain the Revd. Tony Lomas.

Your offerings will help in supporting the relief efforts on the island of St Martin in the Caribbean.  One of these efforts is aimed at providing nourishment for the many people who have lost everything that we take for granted.  A loss of proper shelter, food, power and running water due to the heavy and extensive damage caused by the recent hurricane.

If you are able, please bring offerings of non-perishable goods such as canned or dried food which will taken away after the Service and packed into a container for onward shipment to St Martin.

If you would like to help in the decoration of the church please come early, maybe before 10:00 and bring some fresh fruit and/or vegetables and/or foliage.

Dear Congregation and Visitors,


  • Morning Service on Sunday 3rd December 2017 is replaced by our Choral Evensong at 17:00
  • Morning Service on Sunday 10th December 2017 is replaced by our English Carol Service at 17:00

Thank you !


Harvest Festival Services in Bordeaux

harvest-festival-2016-350-583x350A wonderful Harvest Festival Service was led by the Revd Brian Davis in Bordeaux on Sunday morning, October 2nd. Like every year, gifts were collected and given to the Foyer Fraternel Gouffrand.

The choir participated actively in the service under the direction of Richard Hunt.

Brian had chosen John 15:1-17 for the Gospel reading. He invited us to always be linked with the root who is the source of gentleness, self-control etc. and to imagine an individual, a family, a society, a world where this is applied.

The service was followed by a bring and share lunch, uniting the morning and the afternoon congregations.

bx_harvest-service-of-the-wordIn the afternoon, Stephen Razafindratsima led a French-Madagascan Harvest Service of the Word with gifts also for the Foyer Fraternel Gouffrand and with the participation of the children in the readings.

A truly memorable day for everyone.

Harvest Festival on October 2nd

harvest-festival-2016-350-583x350Please join us at this traditional Anglican service where we thank the Lord for the harvest and the many good things He has provided throughout the year.

If you can, please bring offerings of canned/dried food, hot chocolat and coffee, which will be given to the Foyer Fraternel Gouffrand for their food bank.

The children will be processing with the harvest gifts at the beginning of the service so we ask that you try to arrive a little early.

Anyone who would like to decorate the church should come with fresh fruit, vegetables, and foliage even earlier, e.g. 9.45 a.m.!

The fruit, vegetables, jam and perishable items will be given to the Sisters at the Assomption.



Harvest Festival Service

IMG_0053From Andrew:

“At Harvest we had a splendid array of foodstuffs for the Foyer Fraternel and the fresh food for the Sisters which the children delighted in bringing forward to be blessed.

The choir sang a Psalm and an anthem and Holi sang Be Still for the Presence of the Lord, accompanied by Rhian on her Celtic harp. It was all very moving.

I must have had the bug that is going around and had hardly any voice at all, so Alexandra stepped in to lead the beginning of the service. I preached on Giving Thanks and Giving, that love always has to be our motivation; the children in Sunday School made and decorated double hearts which smelled of lavender and gave them away to members of the congregation.

I also mentioned our intention of having a Gift Day/Pledge Day on 15th November as we consider how to make our desire to have a full time minister a reality.”

(Reverend Andrew Bullock)


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