Where are we?

Our Services, unless otherwise noted in our calendar, are held at:

Eglise Protestante de Talence

281 Rue Frédéric Sévène, 33400 TALENCE ( map )

Cats and dogs are not allowed through the entrance gates into the grounds.

By Bus

There are several options by bus.

To arrive at the bus stop nearest to the church with a short 140 metre walk, then travel on bus route 20 and get off at bus stop Bontemps in rue Bontemps ( directions )

The Ligne 20 bus service starts at BORDEAUX Victoire and terminates at TALENCE Thouhars (and vice-versa).

Other bus options:

  • Number 5 bus to the stop at Hopital Bagatelle and a 450 metre 6 minute walk to the church ( directions )
  • Number 10 or 31 or 43 bus to the stop at Dourout and a 650 metre 9 minute walk to the church ( directions )

If you are not familiar with the Bordeaux bus system, the buses stop on request. Press one of the stop buttons near your seat immediately before the stop that you want to get off as shown on the display screens inside the bus.

Our church is at 283 Rue Frédéric Sévène, 33400 TALENCE ( map )

By Car

Please set your mobile phone or car GPS to:

281 Rue Frédéric Sévène, 33400 TALENCE ( map )

There is no parking available in the church grounds.

Please park in the adjoining streets which are very quiet on Sundays.

By Tram

From central Bordeaux travel via tram:

Line B

and get off the tram at:

Tram stop Forum in Cours de la Liberation ( directions )

Tram Ligne B runs from the north-east of Bordeaux starting at Berges de la Garonne and terminates at Pessac (and vice-versa).

On Sundays, a tram arrives at Forum every 7 minutes.

Our church is at 281 Rue Frédéric Sévène, 33400 TALENCE and is approximately a 20 minute walk from the tram stop at Forum ( directions ).

For a shorter walk, catch the 20 bus travelling in the direction TALENCE Thouhars from the bus stop Forum and get off at Bontemps followed by a short 140 metre walk ( directions )