Welcome to the Bordeaux Anglican Church in the Chaplaincy of Aquitaine

We are delighted to have been welcomed by our Protestant friends to hold our regular Sunday Services at the Protestant Church in Talence.

President Macron has announced a loosening of the Covid lock down restrictions and we are currently finalising our service schedule for December.


President Macron has announced a loosening of the Covid lock down restrictions and we are currently finalising our service schedule for December.

A recorded Sunday Service and Sermon from the Chaplaincy of Aquitaine is available every Sunday online here

Online Morning and Evening Prayers and fellowship activities are also available live so that you can participate. If you would like the live link to gain access, then please email your request to Revd Tony Lomas here

November 2020

Zooming in to pray. Lockdown meant that the prayer meeting that we had each week before the service had ceased. So for the last few weeks we have been having a Sunday morning prayer meeting at 10 am via Zoom.

This has proved to be a wonderful time of prayer fellowship that has attracted a group of people who have been praying about things close to their hearts – personal, political, local, distant, each other and our church community. We will be continuing this even though we are resuming physical services. It may be that we will also resume the prayer meeting in person before the service but that is for the future.

The Bordeaux Church website has lots of additional information. For example, how to get to our new worship place (see “Where are we?”), including public transport. Just head this way: www.anglicanbordeaux.org

Please check regularly on the website to check developments as and when the restrictions of the lock down are relaxed.

We cannot join together physically, but do not forget to join others throughout the Chaplaincy in virtual worship. Our clergy, readers, and technical team have been doing a sterling job! The worship service remains on-line so you may watch whenever is convenient for you . Online Worship Service

Coming up in December (to be confirmed) – please mark your diaries!

Last weekend in November – Christmas Bazaar Covid-style: A virtual event!

Due to the increased Covid alert in the Gironde, the Christmas Bazaar will not be held in its usual form.

The Christmas elves and organisers are working on another form for the Bazaar, with a SILENT AUCTION of Promises and hopefully WINE, jams and chutneys which you’ll be able to reserve from the warmth of your home (on-line or by telephone).

You will receive an email with an update and don’t hesitate to contact organiser Heather Gardiner (click here to email Heather) with any offers! The Chaplaincy and the Bordeaux charities need help now more than ever. Thank you in advance for your support.

Sunday 13 Dec. at 16:00 Christmas Carol Service Eglise Notre Dame – To be confirmed subject to covid related restrictions.

A new Sunday venue started on October 25th – The Protestant Temple in Talence! – As you are aware, due to the Covid-19 restrictions we were unable to continue with our services in the Chapel of Le Grand Bon Pasteur due to the presence of a retirement home on the same site. We are very grateful to the Sœur Solange and the religious community for their warm welcome to us for over a year.

We are now delighted to tell you that we have been invited by the Protestants in Bordeaux to hold our Services at the Protestant Temple in Talence. What a wonderful answer to prayer!

We give thanks to our Chaplain Tony, his assistant Amy, and the working group in Bordeaux, especially our local wardens, for their energy and perseverance.

We indeed have a lot to give thanks for! The Eglise Protestante Unie in Talence and Pastor Andreas Braun welcomed us with open arms to their church for worship on Sunday afternoons.

We held our first service in Talence in the afternoon of Sunday 25th October. The congregation was over 30 and we were all delighted to see each other once again and were looking forward again to our regular Sunday worship and fellowship. But ………. now we all have to lock down again. Please regularly check on our website anglicanbordeaux.org for updates about all our ‘virtual’ activities and resumption of our services hopefully in December.

Gardening. We also had a very successful working session at the Presbytery in mid-October, with 8 people working in their own space. Thanks to Adrien, Jean-Claude, Pamela, Barry, and Metrine the surrounds of the French doors and two windows on the front received their first coat of paint, while work continues scraping the paint off the back windows.

Liz and Anne led the gardening crew, with help from Metrine, Jerome and
Christine. You can really see the difference!

We give thanks for a visit from Ashley, now a fully-fledged paediatrician, who shared in Chaplaincy online worship with the Rychlewskis and joined in at Morning Prayer too. Ashley together with Jenny contributed so much to our church life in the past supporting our youngsters in Sunday School, Youth Group and other activities. Ashley will be working in Besançon for another year to become a specialist in Paediatric Palliative Care.

Every penny and your support COUNT!

Did you notice how France stopped dead in its tracks for almost 3 months and yet our weekly worship quadrupled in its various forms on-line?

The virtual services, including Morning and Evening Prayer, continue at the same pace to increase our regular sharing of the Word and prayer and also to protect the fragile who must remain at home.

Please think and pray seriously about your regular financial giving, great or small. Unable to donate into the collection basket during the Service because you are off to a family outing on Sunday? Or spending 3 weeks on holiday somewhere? Or unable to leave home for various reasons?

Setting up a monthly direct debit is easy as pie and will ensure that ongoing costs are met. Treasurer Barry Gardiner will provide you with the pertinent information. Your financial support will then be regular and with a tax benefit to boot. To contact Barry for details, please email: barrygardiner54@gmail.com

Readers in Training

Heather Gardner
Nellie Salvie

Heather Gardner and Nellie Salvie are training to become Readers and they have both participated in supporting and leading our Bordeaux worship services before the lockdown.

In July during the lockdown, Nellie recorded her first YouTube service for Bordeaux and the Chaplaincy. Nellie was ably supported by Tony with his technical and video skills as well as guiding Nellie in putting together the content of the service.

The result was spiritually uplifting and a credit to Nellie for her calmness during her first time in front of the camera.

Well done and thank you Nellie!

Green Fingers

We do not often talk about gardening in our news and maybe we never have!

Many hands make light work but work is never ‘light’ in the Bordeaux sun. The vines may blossom and the grapes ripen but our gardeners always push on regardless! Thank you to all involved.

To keep the ball rolling we are looking for more volunteers to join the team. Each person would adopt a small part of the garden to suit their ‘green fingers’ and enjoyment. If you enjoy some aspects of gardening then please volunteer.

There is something for everyone. It is very sociable even in these socially distanced times and keeps the presbytery house and garden in good shape for our services and to welcome our next resident priest.

Call for donations to our local charities

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside-down. One of the results has been a huge increase in the needy and yes, right in our own neighbourhood.

The Bordeaux Church has been supporting two local charities, both based in the city. So here’s how you can help, either by sharing your time or by sharing your wealth.

For more information, contact Lindsay at lmegraud@gmail.com (tel. 05 56 96 44 17). Also the Maison de Marie website: www.lamaisondemarie.net

We accept anything that you can give us: food, clothing, furniture, bicycles, school supplies, cleaning products, surplus, sewing material, candle wax, your time to help us, and any ingenious ideas!

In a rich country like ours, we think that it’s possible to run a house for the needy with the surplus of our own homes. The easiest way to proceed is to send us an SMS at 06 37 47 48 60 including photos of what you would like to propose. Donations of money are possible too, with a tax write-off.

Foyer Fraternel Gouffrand

Help us to welcome and help people in great difficulty who have been coming to receive food parcels in greater numbers since mid-March. Numbers have risen from 60 to over 120 families who are in need each week of either a food parcel or a hygiene kit.

A system has been put on line for monetary donations to pay for the food parcels – please take a look and be generous if you are able! Please click here: www.helloasso.com/associations/foyer%20fraternel%20centre%20social/collectes/a

Donations to the Chaplaincy’s charity association, CHAP-AID

As fundraising is difficult at the moment, the Chap-Aid Treasurer will be happy to receive cheque donations or even better, a direct monthly transfer.

As is the case with regular giving to the Chaplaincy (so easy, even during times of pandemic!), you may consider giving a sum, even small, to Chap-Aid (for example, 5€ each month would equal 60€ giving for the year).

Please contact Lindsay for more information ( lmegraud@gmail.com tel. 05 56 96 44 17 )

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