Dear Friends,

I am hugely grateful to those of you who have already taken steps to make regular or one-off donations to the Chaplaincy over the last couple of months. As the country slowly moves out of lockdown we are faced with a whole new set of challenges. It is likely to be a considerable time yet before we can hope that our financial situation will return to a more normal pattern and so we are still deeply reliant on your generosity and giving as part of your discipleship.

We will, therefore, continue to be particularly grateful if you feel able to make donations (one-off or regular) that might compensate for the loss of ‘plate giving’ and fund-raising events. This can be done through your bank by prélèvement (standing order) or by  our our online giving page.

I long for a time when we will be able to meet again, but in the meantime we will continue to provide opportunities for various forms of worship, study, prayer and pastoral support online.

Thank you for your commitment to the life of this wonderful Chaplaincy.



Rev’d Tony Lomas
Chaplain – Chaplaincy of Aquitaine
Area Dean – SW France with the Vendée
email here
+33 (0)6 72 31 72 87


Sunday Service and Sermon available every Sunday online here

Morning and Evening Prayers and fellowship activities are also available live so that you can participate.If you would like the live link to gain access, then please email your request to Rev’d Charlotte Sullivan here

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Newsletter – May 2020

May our hearts be on fire

May our hearts be on fire !

Live Morning Prayer Services – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 9.30 a.m., live from the Presbytery (see Charlotte’s message below)

Live Evening Prayer Services – every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.00 p.m., live from the Chaplain’s home

Sunday Services – from 10.30 on. Just go to Church Online Services and Sermons and enjoy the beautiful video-taped services, united together across the Chaplaincy.

Please note! Thursday 21st May is Ascension Day & Sunday 31st May is Pentecost.

The Revd Charlotte Sullivan writes:

Dear Friends

It seems such a long time since our last bulletin and so much has changed in the last two months. I pray that you are all safe and well.

I want to assure you, that the Chaplaincy ministry team is here, planning worship, communications and also praying for you all.

If at any time you would like to chat or to pray with someone, please don’t hesitate to contact me here.

Keeping us all connected in this time of lockdown


For me personally, I have been keeping busy, mainly with the ChurchOnline website. If you haven’t yet had a chance to visit the site then please do so here. There are blog posts from Bramwell and Tony, videos of our services, and also a place where you can request prayer and where you can pray for the prayer requests of others.

Doing church differently over the last 6 weeks has been a steep learning curve as we have gotten to grips with new software, recording sermons, and “live” online meetings.

It hasn’t always gone perfectly, but there has always been the opportunity to learn and to laugh at our mistakes!

I am deeply grateful to Tony for his enthusiasm and for the endless hours he has spent in putting together some very high quality worship for us all to enjoy.

Morning and Evening prayer

As a Chaplaincy we are also offering online Morning and Evening prayer services “live” using zoom. If you would like to join these services you would be very welcome, just send me an email and I can send you the links and the necessary information.

These morning and evening meetings have given me a huge boost each day, to be able to see friends from across the Chaplaincy, to listen to God’s word and to pray together has been invaluable in this time of isolation and I know that others have felt the same.

Bible Study

We also have online bible study on a Wednesday night using zoom and if you would like to receive the information about bible study, simply drop me line and I will add you to the mailing list.


We have also set up a WhatsApp group for the Bordeaux congregation, a place to share thoughts, prayers and inspiration, again if you would like to join this group, please contact me.


Our Bordeaux committee is also meeting online, giving us the opportunity to welcome Joelle and Adrien (new members, elected to the committee in March) and the opportunity to plan, for the present and the future.

I just want to assure you, although we don’t currently meet face to face on a Sunday, our work and prayers as a Chaplaincy continue, there are many opportunities for us to meet virtually, but if you don’t do technology, then please as I said in the beginning of this bulletin I am here, and would love to chat on the phone with you at anytime.

My Love and Prayers


News from last month

Palm Sunday Service online

During one of the online Sunday worship services, our children managed to “recycle” the palm cross.

We enjoyed God’s word together although not with our brethren, but in the comfort of our own dwelling during this COVID-19 lockdown.

We believe many prayers are being cried out to God daily for His deliverance.

Nevertheless, we hope this photo can be uplifting to some. More importantly we have real hope in Christ. 

“Celebrating together the Resurrection!” Easter sunrise during confinement in the Bordeaux area

Take a look on facebook here

Remembering our charities during lock down

Praise the Lord for the large family at La Maison de Marie in centre city Bordeaux and their carers under the current and difficult circumstances.

Social distancing has been complicated – instead of eating at one big table, arrangements have been made to have tables for 2 or 3. Those suffering from previous addictions find it difficult not to be outside (other than the garden) to get sufficient exercise. And yet, their monthly letter was full of Hope and Thanks to the Risen Lord. Let our brothers and sisters be an example to us all.

Please keep them in your prayers. Messages of encouragement are very welcome and may be sent to Béatrice here (just mention that you are from the Eglise Anglicane).

Going Paper Free

As we are studying environmental issues during lent, I would like us, as a church family, to consider the amount the paper waste that we generate.

During lent all of our liturgy, hymns and notices will be projected on to the screen. We will not have any pew sheets or service sheets. There will be a bible available or perhaps you would like to bring your own bible to read from if you are reading during the lent services.

It’s a small change, but I think it’s a significant one, and I look forward to receiving your comments about this initiative after lent is over.

Getting Together

Easter Day is on the 12 April, and the committee and I thought it would be wonderful if we could get together after the service for lunch and a time of fellowship.

Our Easter celebration will be at St Pierre at 10.30am and following that, everyone is invited back to the presbytery for a bring and share lunch and games for the children. Pamela has kindly offered to co ordinate the lunch and Nellie is going to be organising transport and car sharing for those who don’t drive. We will be giving you more information in the coming weeks.

Please put the date in your diary and perhaps consider inviting a friend to church and lunch on that day!

Ecumenical Update

We may well be joining our ecumenical brothers and sisters for a special event early on Easter Morning or during Holy Week. I will keep you updated on any news about this.

Tony and I had a lovely Lebanese lunch with our friends from the ecumenical television program which aired in early January on France 2. It was so nice to meet up again, to discuss the program and future projects. We would like to continue to build on the relationship that we have formed and work together again soon on a local projects. Pere Rami gave us a tour of the Maronite Church and produced the most wonderful lunch. Tony and I left feeling very uplifted and very full of Houmous !

Epiphany Sunday. 2020 started with wonderful weather. Even though it is the winter season, the kids were brave to have their session outdoors. They learnt about the Gospel of John 1:1-2, which was read beautifully by Tife.

After that, they each shared what they received as Christmas presents as well as a galette des rois.

Many thanks to visiting priest, Father Robin Nash, who led the service for the adults and preached on the “4th Wise Man” and “Giving Christ our Heart” in the New Year.

AAW on 12 January 2020. At the first AAW in 2020, it was a happy sight to see the cars to be parked all the way to the gate! One of our young people did the reading beautifully. Revd Charlotte shared the Good News that God’s Hand is always holding our hands. It was a good reminder, at the beginning of this New Year, of who will be leading us and guiding our every step.

Junior Jonah went for a general walkabout during our Service

The ‘little one’ became distracted by Rev’d Charlotte so Barry made sure that he was sitting comfortably to observe properly!

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All our current and past news items are available here: News

Or read our news by individual category below:

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