Youth Group

BDX YM May 2023 at Talence

WE have GROWN!!! Come meet the growing group of youths. Bible study series beginning with the Gospel of John every 2nd and 4th Sundays. Fill up the form for more details or simply visit us at church.

In the discussion group for teenagers we explore typical questions and issues posed by adolescents such as ‘What do my friends think of me?’; ‘How can I identify a real friend?’; ‘What if I don’t like my teachers?’ and ‘Do I have to go to Church?’

We use Christian precepts and Biblical references to help them through this challenging period of growth and increasing self-awareness.

The Sunday School and Youth Groups meet during part of the service on-site (please check calendar) but we believe that children and young people should be included in our worship and they return to the service in time to share in the service with their families. Online meeting are also available. Please refer to the calendar or send a form for more information.

Online Youth Group meeting
Youth Group on site at the church

Request more Information

If you have any questions about the Youth Group or would like more information, then please just ask Johnson, our Youth Group Leader, by filling in the form below.

Youth Group – Dates for your diary

Please see below the calendar of our Services and Fellowship activities including forthcoming dates for our Youth Group meetings.

Please see below for the calendar of our Services and Fellowship activities.

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