Wine-and-Words-logo1Hello everyone,

We would like to say a big thank you to Jenny for bringing us together.

Order of the day:

As of our last meeting we decided that handling Wine and Words will be a team effort. At the moment this is how we discussed it will be run.

Adebode: email, Facebook and setting up.

Ashley: Closing the meeting

Volunteer Coordinators of each month: Chair topic to be discussed in said month

Our default venue would be Bordeaux USA, but for movie night or cookie decorating we would need to go somewhere. Wine and words remains 2nd Friday of every month but there might be exceptions We talked about what we would like Wine and Words to be;

  • Fellowship
  • Open to believers and non-believers
  • Debate and discussion
  • Practical Christian living

Therefore we decided that topics to be discussed should be based on moral issues, being a Christian in the modern world, sharing Gods love and what he has done in our lives. On this note we have the following topics;

December 11th  – Holiday Cookie Decorating

In 2016

  • January 8th / 15th  – Welcome Back
  • February 12th – Christian relationships
  • March 11th – Temptation
  • April 8th – Book Discussion ( The Shack)
  • May 13th – Workplace (eg What would Jesus do)
  • June 10th – What about when God says No
  • July 8th Movie Night
  • August 12th – Bowling/Pizza
  • September 9th Handling Money God’s Way (Finances)
  • October 14th – Praise and Worship

We will be sending out a doodle poll to confirm ‘volunteer of the month’ and what topic. Let’s say for example I am handling When God says No but I would not be around in June but in April we can move things around so it is convenient for everyone.

Warm regards,


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