We are Growing so we are Moving !

Until we are settled in our new home, please regularly check our calendar for the varying locations of our Services and Fellowship Events

Who are we?

15 04 024 Easter DayChurch of England forms of worship are used for our services and everyone is very welcome to join us.

We are open-minded, multi-cultural and enjoy exploring the Christian faith in its many and diverse expressions. Our congregation is varied – Working parents with young families – Teenagers – Single adults – Students and research associates at the local University and Medical Schools – Expats and Retirees and more. We have been meeting in the Chapelle de l’Assomption for over 20 years and the Aquitaine Chaplaincy celebrated 175 years in Bordeaux and Aquitaine in 2000.

A congregation from around the world including Africa, Canada, China, France, Madagascar, New Zealand, UK, USA etc.  Fellowship and Community with Choir‘, ‘Sunday School’, ‘Teen Discussion’, ‘Wine and Words’ and Picnic Play Reading’ groups.

Our services are in english but we also have a monthly afternoon Service for French-Malagasy Anglicans who are based in and around Bordeaux to which all are welcome.

IMG_0047Music and Choir

We have an adult choir and all ages, including juniors, are most welcome.  We also have an active ‘Kids Choir’ which meets every Sunday after the Service.

The Kids’ Choir meets weekly for half an hour or so following the Sunday Service while the adults enjoy the usual time of refreshments and fellowship. Please encourage your little ones to join in on the fun.

For more details of our choir, please ‘click’ here

The music is drawn from the English cathedral tradition and the rehearsals are all in English for those who want to practice their language skills.  Come along and try it – you never know, you might enjoy it!  For more information please email: choir.anglican.bordeaux@gmail.com


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If you are coming to our church for the first time, here are some of the many friendly people who can help you find your way about and answer questions about our worship and fellowship activities.

To make contact with any of the people below, please ‘click’: here

Anne – Sunday School Co-ordinater

Barry – Treasurer

Bebe – Sunday School


Charlotte – Resident Priest in Bordeaux

Christine – Worship Leader

Heather – Warden

Holi – ‘Kids Choir’ & Sunday School

Johnson – Youth Group

Lindsay – Committee (with Charlotte)

Nellie – Warden

Peter – Warden

Richard – Musical Director

Stephen – Worship Leader in Training

Revd Tony Lomas – Chaplain


More Information:

For more information about our Church or fellowship groups then please email: here

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HISTORY – St. Nicholas Church : 1840-1989 – and beyond ….


The founding of the Bordeaux Anglican Church in the Pavé des Chartrons (now cours Xavier Arnozan) took place in 1829 when the Johnston family (ref. note 2 below) donated land in response to the need for a church.

The move from a converted warehouse to a church came in 1841 when St. Nicholas Church was built by Jean Burguet (ref. note 3 below) in response to an initiative by Daniel Guestier (ref. note 4 below) father-in-law to Anna-Eliza Johnston.

The picture to the right was taken inside the church and shows one of the original stained glass windows.


Whilst the roots of the Intercontinental Church Society can be traced back to 1823, its arrival in south-west France in 1873 was significant and under the aegis of the Bishop of London efforts were made to regularise patterns of worship for the English-speaking communities.

The absence of a conventional building for services in no way deterred the growth of the evangelical work of the Church; when ships came into port, services were arranged in the Sailor’s Reading Rooms. (May I add that my grand-father Mr. Edward Cyder looked after the rooms from 1910 to the end of 1918)


From 1940-1947 St. Nicholas Church was closed. Many families were forced to leave and this was a difficult time for all those remaining. (My parents – who were both British – my grand-mother, my brother Eric and myself were part of the refugees as we boarded the last ship leaving from Bordeaux on the 18th June 1940).


The Revd James Craig was appointed Chaplain in 1947. At that time there were many American families in France and the American Chaplain also took services at St. Nicholas.

St. Nicholas became a spiritually vibrant centre of worship: bible study, Sunday School, Women’s Guild, special services and sales of work thrived.

The photograph was taken on Armistice Day, 11 November 1947, in front of St Nicholas Church, Pavé des Chartrons (now cours Xavier-Arnozan). Note the side view of the cross at ground level next to the Union Jack flag. The cross is now at the Allied Forces Cemetery in rue Bahus, Talence, Bordeaux.


In 1982, the Chaplain Arthur Harvey decided to start a choir. Even though there were only three volunteers – Freda Perris, Paul Dixon and the Chaplain, the first performance went ahead for Christmas that year.

The photograph of the choir was taken in the 1980’s. Spot the four faces who are still in our congregation!


The Memorial Cross originally in front of St Nicholas, now at the Allied Forces Cemetery in Bordeaux.

When it became apparent that ICS was to sell St. Nicholas Church, due to financial problems, times were difficult for the Bordeaux congregation. However, the Ecumenical Counsellor for the Catholic Church, Père Lanuc, helped the then Chaplain Brian Eaves to find a new church building.

In 1990 it was decided to use the Chapel of the School of the Assomption. We are very happy to be able to worship in that Chapel and entertain very friendly links with the Sisters.


Closing the doors of Saint Nicholas Church opened the doors to new ecumenical relationships. As I said at the time of the sale, why do we have to talk about a building (which was very much loved by many and especially my family who were all baptised in that Chapel) when the Church is God’s people. (Editor: and in 2019 another exciting phase of our growth begins)

Every blessing from the Bordeaux congregation.

Freda Perris (May 2012)

We are Growing so we are Moving !

Until we are settled in our new home, please regularly check our calendar for the varying locations of our Services and Fellowship Events